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I’m obsessed with this video:

Besides the fact that I’m spending 5-8 hours editing every day, I use my free time to watch the above youtube video over and over cause how awesome are humans. I mean seriously, the way the other dude comes in and adds more awesomeness to the already awesomeness of that guy, it’s truly awesome. I want that experience in my life so make it happen for me you guys. Ahh, one’ll happen!

So about the video that I made, it’s trash. Just found some dude on a McLaren so chased him down, and threw a card at him and he even pulled for me which was pretty awesome. Oh and that dude in the GT350, he rocked my body with the sound of his car. The mic does no justice, it sounded like a true beast in person. It even almost drowned out the noise of Nimbus which is really saying something.

Lately I have been thinking of bringing something new to the channel but I just don’t know what yet so if you guys have suggestions for something that you would like to see on this channel, let me know. I feel like there’s something else out there for me to do but I just can’t think of it.

Oh well, today is arm day and I am currently listening to the soundtrack of the movie Gladiator:
It’s one of my favorite movies. Ever since I watched it when I was young, I’ve fell in love. Movies like Gladiator or Troy, are always my favorite. Also, ever since I was young, I wanted my first Hollywood movie to be a movie that is similar to Gladiator. I would be a King who ran an empire or the son of King whose empire had just fallen and now it’s his purpose of life to restore honor to his fallen comrades. Just a few ideas. I actually have a better story in mind but I can’t tell you cause what if someone takes it. A screenplay will be made and I’m going to star in it myself cause I’m awesome like that. I’ve even pictured myself to play a role of one of the Greek Gods like Hercules or something, that’d be awesome. I still believe in the dream. I can see myself as a Gladiator fighting with a sword but not a shield though. Gainz = shield. The amazing thing of writing out screenplays is that the world is yours, you can create or do anything. I just need to find an awesome name for my character. It has to hold weight like Achilles or Zeus. It needs to sound epic, can’t be something like Mitchell. Imagine a warrior named Mitchell, that wouldn’t work. Hmm, I’ll think of something.

Until the day my dream will become reality, very soon, I will continue to listen to the Gladiator soundtrack and head to the gym to make my arms bigger with some serious ego lifting as if I am Gladiator in training.

Dreams can always become reality, just don’t think about them only when you’re sleeping but take the steps to make them true when you’re awake.

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