Day: May 30, 2018

마세라티 네리시모(칠흑) 에디션 신차 리뷰, 섹시한 고성능! Maserati Nerissimo

마세라티가 지난 제네바 모터쇼에서 공개됐었던 ‘네리시모(Nerissimo) 에디션’을 29일 국내에 공식적으로 선보였다. 네리시모는 이탈리어어로 ‘칠흑’, 완전한 블랙(Total Black)을 뜻한다. 기블리, 콰트로포르테, 르반떼의 그란스포트 모델들이 딥 블랙(Deep Black) 컬러로 뒤덮혔다. 진행 : 모터리언 김송은 제작지원 : 오토가이드

my brand new car // the diaries

a new episode of the series, “the diaries” is out now. so make sure and watch the hell out of it because sexy people are in it and we are most likely selling the show to netflix soon. i hope you cherish it here on youtube. like and subscribe, and have a nice new year/day.…


Today I determined if the Saleen Mustang is worth the extra money! In my opinion I believe it is worth the extra $10,000 because they change the whole front end, full custom exhaust, all the badges you could want, sport tuned exhaust and more while still keeping the factory warranty in tact. CHECK OUT FORD…