WORST Cars In The World!

WORST Cars In The World!

Check out the worst cars in the world! From the ugliest cars to the most unreliable car, these are the top 10 cars you definitely want to avoid at all costs!

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10. 2003 Saturn Ion
Saturn was a subsidiary company of General Motors and, throughout the 90’s, the brand was doing pretty well! In 2003, though, it was time to revamp their offering and unfortunately for them, and their customers, they came up with the Saturn Ion.

9. Chevrolet Citation
The Citation is often thought of as the biggest mistake ever by GM, and it started out so well! The X-car was released in 1980 and was so popular at the time that Chevrolet couldn’t keep up with demand.

8. Austin Allegro
The Austin Allegro was produced by British car manufacturer “Leyland” in the 1970’s, and it went down as one of the worst cars the notoriously shambolic company would produce.

7. Vauxhall Frontera
The Vauxhall Frontera was first sold in 1989 as one of the first crossover SUV’s. It was designed in a partnership between GM and Isuzu, and in America was known as the Isuzu MU- which stood for “Mysterious Utility”.

6. 1975 Trabant
Usually known for their precision engineering, someone clearly didn’t get the memo when they were designing this car when the country was still split into East and West.

5. Reliant Robin
When you think of a car, there are certain things you don’t expect to see- three wheels being one of them.

4. Davis Divan
Next on the list is another three wheel car, this time made by the Davis motorcar company of California between 1947 and 1949. They were built in a hangar at Van Nuys airport, and were 183.5 inches long and 60 inches high.

3. Yugo GV
The Yugo GV, as it was known in the US, was a Yugoslavian-built three door hatchback, that sold almost 150,000 units across America between 1985 and 1992.

2. 1989 Eagle Premier
When you first see the Eagle Premier, it looks like any other basic car of the 80’s. It has a chunky design and and a boring color, so what makes it so bad? Well, it’s not so much what it does,, but what it doesn’t.

1. 2001 Pontiac Aztek
You might recognize this car- it was the one used by Walter White in Breaking Bad. But even being a part of television history can’t make the Aztek any less worse.

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