Alfa Romeo Giulia Track day – Palm Beach International

Took the baby for a track day at Palm Beach International Raceway, The day was hot track temp around 105f so it was very hot for the car, also everything is stock but it has ST springs so a bit less rocking on corners (still needs coilovers) car felt good overall managed a 1:31 on pirelli pzero corsas brand new, I honestly thought i would be able to do sub 30s but the weather wasn’t helping even after playing with tire PSI, Still think that the car is able to go sub 30s stock but ill have to be on the same weather as my 26.3 time with the GT3 ( I know this car wont be as fast but 5 seconds is way too far from the GT3.

After 5 sessions tires were done and brakes were done, I honestly think that Alfa Romeo screwed up with the brake as braking on this car feels terrible as no feedback is getting to me, steering feel felt a bit light or at least lighter than what I would’ve liked it to be but overall the car performed OK but not as I expected as I was struggling for traction.